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The National Operetta of Ukraine is a modern universal European musical theater, which, being one of the oldest establishments in the field of musical and theatrical art, presents high Ukrainian art successfully not only in our own country, but also far beyond its borders. It is a laureate and winner of numerous international music contests, the place of birth and development of new talents, of opportunities and sensational successful projects, of meeting of contemporaneity leading personalities, the culture field, where they give unforgettable emotions, surprise, as well as experiment, improve uninterruptedly and move forward.

Here, according to your wishes and tastes, you can choose the high quality musical product that you like. It may be a classic operetta, a musical, a show ballet, a symphony concert, an opera, an opera bouffe, a singspiel, a salon theater.

«I do not know a profession that would require more refined forms and purest morals than a theater does»

— D. Diderot

An operetta is always interesting, bright, stylish, musical, positive and inspiring! Pay a visit to us, and you will make sure of this yourself!

The theatre information

The name “operetta” originates from the French word “operette” that literally means “little opera”.

One of the kinds of musical theater, which combines vocal and instrumental music, dance, ballet and the elements of variety entertainment, is called an operetta. As a result of such bright combination of components, a very democratic and rather “light” musical genre is created, which is the main reason why millions of people of different ages and social levels are fascinated by the operetta.

Jacque Offenbach has been considered the operetta founder since he presented the music work called “Two Blind People” to the spectators on the stage of Bouffes Parisiens theatre in Paris. This one act play made it into history as the founder of a new operetta genre.

The operetta theatre history

In the building of the People’s Troitskyi House in 1907 the first stationary Ukrainian theatre was founded by M. Sadovskyi. The corypheuses who were working in the theatre since its foundation are the outstanding figures not only in the theatrical, but also in the political public sphere, who were working in the name of the foundation of Ukrainian national consciousness- Mariia Zankovetska, Marko Kropyvnytskyi, Panas Saksahanskyi, Mykola Sadovskyi and others. It was in the Kiev Operetta that in due time the premiere of the play "Natalka Poltavka" by the outstanding Ukrainian composer Mykola Lysenko took place.

The birth of the Kiev Operetta Theater is marked by two dates - January 13, 1934 and December 14, 1935.

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Художньо-керівний склад

Наш руководящий состав собрал в себя только лучших специалистов из этой области которые заслуженные мастера и артисты.


СТРУТИНСЬКИЙ Богдан Дмитрович

Народний артист України, Генеральний директор-художній керівник театру


ПРОКОПЕНКО Вадим Валерійович

Заслужений артист України, головний балетмейстер

ЯРОШЕНКО Ігор Вікторович

Заслужений діяч мистецтв України , головний хормейстер


ОПАНАСЕНКО Олена Олександрівна

заслужена артистка України, головний концертмейстер


ЛИТВИНЕНКО Святослав Іванович

Диригент вищої категорії
народний артист України

МАДАРАШ Оксана Степанівна

Диригент вищої категорії
заслужена артистка України

ГОЛУБНИЧИЙ Сергій Володимирович

Диригент вищої категорії

ДІДОК Сергій Володимирович

Диригент вищої категорії

ЯКОБЕНЧУК Назар Олександрович

Диригент вищої категорії

ГРЕЧАНОВСЬКА Анжела Володимирівна


СКУБА Наталія Анатоліївна

Помічник головного балетмейстера

ДАВИДЕНКО Ірина Віталіївна

Художник з костюмів

ВОРВУЛЄВ Володимир Миколайович

заслужений діяч мистецтв України

ЦУРКАН Вадим Лауренційович

Завідувач трупою
заслужений працівник культури України