Weekend with operetta project – 3 years!



For three years the project team 45 times opened the doors for girls and boys who participated in quest games;

each time they created a unique fairytale adventure for 40 young friends;

we are  glad that the club of fans of the operetta theater was added by 1 800 friends – participants of the project.

At the National Operetta Theatre we pay much attention to the worldwide tendency on expanding the concept of “theatre” as a certain artistic “factory”, which produces not only an artistic product, but also an educational one, creating the universal art center where art, engaging a diverse audience with different tastes are organically combined and developed. And we draw a special attention to children content, that is why looking for a quality art product for children, on March 12, 2017, we launched an interactive educational project “Weekend with operetta”. During this project children are invited to get acquainted with theater and music art in the form of a quest game. Moreover, “Weekend with Operetta” project provides the following:

presents the children the opportunity to be not only spectators of the theater, but also active participant of the action;

introduces the smallest audience of the theater in the available game form (in the form of a quest game) together with the fairy-tale characters – Princess Operetina and Mr. Rhythm;

during the program, we play, move, go on a journey, search and complete tasks, solve puzzles and riddles!

We are convinced that this approach to the first acquaintance of the small audience with the theater forms artistic development and cultivates aesthetic taste.

Feeling beauty and style should be nurtured from the childhood. So, we are waiting for our small visitors for the next quest games! We have prepared a lot of interesting things for you!