The National Operetta of Ukraine presented the first online premier of the performance “In the rhythm of Africa”


On Saturday, October 17, the first online premiere of “In the Rhythm of Africa” play for children took place. This is the first of four productions a part of the project “The First Step into the Great Art”, implemented by the National Operetta of Ukraine with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund. The next day, October 18, the audience will see another performance – “The Great Jazz Journey”. The performances will be video streamed  on the YouTube channel KievOperetta. “In general, the online premiere is a big risk, there are no spectators around, they are behind the screen. But we received a lot of positive feedbacks on social networks after the streaming. One of the comments was especially remarkable: “Kids are thrilled about African rhythms! The online format even allows you to join the music.” This is a comment of one of the mothers and she attached a photo where her baby was drumming in a household item – a saucepan. So, we have attracted young spectators and now we are waiting for them in the theater, “said Tetyana Zilinska the curator of the project. “The first step into the Great Art” is a series of performances aiming to introduce the world of music to children. Through theatre art, young spectators will be informed about traditional and completely original musical instruments, about the work of famous composers, interesting facts and legends of the world of music of different countries. “From the very beginning, we planned to play a live performance for the audience, but the quarantine made adjustments and we had to make the premiere online. That’s why we had to change some mise-en-scène so that they were adjusted for the camera.” When there is a permission to play a performance in the theater, it will be staged on a small stage and the audience will be very close to the actors and it will be interaction. When there is a feedback on the story, events, jokes, I assume that we can make relevant adjustments”-said the project director Bogdan Polishchuk. Please be aware that the project “The First Step into the Great Art” envisages two more premiere performances – “Spanish Stories” on October 24 and “Musical Ukraine” on October 25. In the future, the performances will be included to the repertoire of the National Operetta of Ukraine and will be performed live to young spectators.