The National Operetta of Ukraine is an inclusive theater


An inclusive charity event was arranged on November 17 at the National Operetta of Ukraine. Children with autism, art school students and their parents visited rehearsals and an interactive theater tour together.

The famous concerts of the National Operetta in contemporary realities take place in a chamber format on the stage of the Theater in the Foyer, where rehearsals of new concert projects “From Heart to Heart” (premiere on 20.11.2020) and “The Mystery of the Foggy Albion” (premier on 10.12.2020) took place. Children together with their parents had the opportunity to hear several musical numbers, see rehearsals of ballet dancers. The guests listened to stories from the history of the theater, looked at real theatrical costumes, which are usually presented only on the stage, and then talked about what they saw with Kateryna Morozova the Theater Critic.

“Theatrical pedagogy is a very broad topic, it has significant tools and an even wider range of its usage. These are not only performances for children, or performances created by children, not only backstage tours, children’s interactive programs and art therapy which, incidentally, are extremely relevant in our time. Theater pedagogy is on the intersection of art, education and science and allows to find ways to a positive perception of the changed, fleeting modern world, and most importantly – creates humanistic points of reference for its understanding “- said K. Morozova, who works in the Literary and Drama Department of the theater.

The theater carefully prepared for the inclusive event: before launching the Autism Friendly Space project from the Association, the National Operetta of Ukraine hosted a seminar for theater staff how to interact with clients with autism. Peculiarities of people with autism and rules of communication with them were considered. The National Operetta of Ukraine will be the first of the theaters marked on the Ukrainian map as “Autism Friendly Space”  a cultural institution ready to provide services to visitors with autism.

After many months of quarantine restrictions, children with disabilities and their parents were happy to participate in the project. In the final, interactive part, one of the participants said: “I want to become an artist, I always dreamed of seeing real rehearsals of artists in the big theater. Today my dream has come true!”

Good music, a hospitable reception and sincere communication are what the National Operetta famous for, the theater where dreams come true.