“The Blues- Styled Symphonic Cocktail”


On November 25 at 7 p.m. sharp the symphonic and vocal music fest performed by the symphonic orchestra, choir and theatre leading soloists will take place on the stage of the National Operetta of Ukraine.

The concert program will be presented by the symphonic hits of not only foreign composers, but also Ukrainian ones, the works of which are rightly considered the masterpieces of the world musical classics. Some of them will be performed for the first time and will become a real musical opening to the spectators. The evening program will also be presented by instrumental concerts, overtures, arias and duets from operas and operettas.

The theatre orchestra will leave the usual orchestra pit and will settle down on the stage as the evening main acting character. The concert program, filled with surprise numbers, the theatricals of the extraordinary beauty t and lighting special effects will transfer spectators to the refined lyrical world of the Beautiful. After all, the classical art brings a harmonious uplift, awakens sensuality and responsiveness, enriches spiritually and fills with sublime deep emotions.

One of the spectators of this year symphonic concert has submitted a review: “I thought that nothing could impress me this way! I spent almost the whole concert with the tears of delight in my eyes…This was the best concert which my husband and I had a chance to visit. We will be very glad and grateful, if the theatre will decide to replay this concert. We will definitely come ourselves and bring our close people and friends. I have a very big desire for them to have a chance to enjoy this charming music power as well.”

The National Operetta respects and values the point of view of each spectator. That is why this year the symphonic concert with a rich, interesting and renewed program is waiting for the audience.


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The evening of the auditory esthetics from the National Operetta