Since now you can buy tickets with an audio description service for performances of Operetta Theatre


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Audio description is a special voice accompaniment, which is delivered live, through technical devices to blind / partially sighted spectators and explains to them everything that cannot be traced visually: describes the scenery and actions of stage characters, etc.

This method is widely tested and implemented in European theaters. There are two different methods of description. In the first case, it is a pre-recorded voice accompaniment, but in this case, there is a high probability of inaccuracies, because the performance may occur each time with some changes in tempo or rhythm. The second way is the presence of an audio descriptor – a person who comments on the play live.

We are introducing the method of a live description of a performance in the National Operetta of Ukraine, so we are glad to introduce Kira Stepanovych, an audio descriptor who has been cooperating with the Operetta Theater on sound recording since 2018. She has a great experience not only in the theatrical field, but also in the creation and adaptation of exhibitions, expositions, and also she is the initiator of the project #available funds of the Pedagogical Museum of Ukraine.

Kyiv Operetta Theater is one of the first institutions which has launched a ticket with a similar service, so now, the project team has developed and offered the following algorithm for ordering this service to the audience:

  • buying a ticket at the box office of the Operetta Theater, you must notify the cashier if you need an audio descriptor (the service is provided free of charge, the ticket price for the show is fixed);
  • buying an electronic or printed ticket at other ticket offices in the city, you need to call the administrators of Operetta Theater and order this service by phone: 287-26-30 or 097-20-63-421;
  • notification about this service must be done no later than 5 days before the date of the performance specified in the ticket;
  • to receive sound recording services for performances in the Main Hall, you must purchase a place on the ground floor;

–    on the day of the performance, please arrive 30 minutes before the start of the performance to get acquainted with the audio descriptor and technical equipment for a sound recording.

Since now a ticket with audio description can be purchased for children performances in December: “Nativity. Tales of a Quiet Night “,” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs “and” Aladdin’s Lamp “.

Next, several performances for adult audiences will be developed. The information will be updated, so please follow Operetta Theater website. For additional information please call: 287-50-07.

Accessibility and attention to the audience are always a priority for the Operetta Theater team!