Save with a “Kyivan card”




With the aim of social protection of the Kyivans, the administration of the National Operetta of Ukraine would like to remind that those who present “Kyivan card” to a cashier of Theater will have an opportunity to buy tickets for performances with 15% discount.

Please note that this opportunity applies only to repertoire performances in a large hall and only when there are available seats. We also remind you that there is a limit for discounted tickets – no more than 20 tickets for one performance.

Please find below a list of performances subject to discount by the end of this year:

October 13 – “Moskalitsa”;

October 27 – “Conversation which didn’t not exist”;

October 30 – “Love answer to a man …”;

November 7 – “Under the Blue Sky;

November 9 – “Conversation which didn’t not exist”;

November 26 – “Fiddler on the roof”;

December 1 – “Moskalitsa”;

December 7 – “Sorochynskyi Fair”;

December 19 – My Fair Lady.