Premiere. Broadway Story ” a new play was presented in Operetta Theater


Yesterday on November 12, in the National Operetta of Ukraine on “Stage 77” the melodramatic comedy “Broadway Story “by John Cromwell was presented. Stage Director – Oleksandr Bilozub. Before the performance, a friendly meeting with journalists traditionally took place. “We were trying to make a comedy at this ridiculous time. I have been in the profession for a long time, so I have always been interested in the reverse side of art and theater. This is a very big layer, there are so many stories… The peculiarities of the profession, the theme of a woman, her age, the theme of a mother-actress, the theme of success, fame… There is such a “bouquet” of stories, and they are all related to the theater” – said Oleksandr Bilozub on the meeting with journalists. The play ” Broadway Story” became the first offline production of Operetta Theater during the quarantine period. “Our new work is a story about theater and actors who fight their demons, but in the end the art wins. This topic is very relevant, especially now when “weekend quarantine” is being introduced. The actors, as well as the audience, are “hungry” for the stage, so they are ready to work and we really want to please everyone with the art, “said Bogdan Strutynskyi the General Director-Artistic Director of the Theater. In the melodramatic comedy “Broadway Story”there are two heroines and two actors. Fanny Ellis is performed by Valentyna Donchenko-Butkovska and Iryna Lapina, and Hekki is performed by Iryna Bespalova-Primak and Kateryna Kobieva. According to Oleksandr Bilozub the stage director he did not determine the first or second cast – all actors play equally well, and they decided who would be the first to come to the audience by throwing a coin. “Getting such a role at my age is a happiness, I got a very interesting role. It seems to me that I am similar to my heroine Fanny Ellis, because like she I have two children, we are of the same age, we both dedicated our lives to the theater. She was still a famous movie star, experienced waves of glory and fall, happiness and bitterness. But this is the fate of every artist, wherever he lived, whether in New York or in Kiev.  Generally, it was very pleasant and embarrassing at the same time working on this play, ” – said Valentina Donchenko-Butkovskaya. In the center of the plot – the real life story of Loretta Taylor the famous “star” of Broadway 30-40s of the last century. In the work of John Cromwell, the heroine’s name is Fanny Ellis. Her  fate is very similar to the fate of many American “stars”. In the boom of her fame, she began drinking heavily, ruined her career, and was not on the stage for ten years. All this time she was supported by only one person – Heckie – a maid, costume designer and longtime friend of Fanny. “I am grateful to the whole team that worked on the play, and especially to the prototypes – the costume designers, who inspired the image of my heroine. Isaw them and collected my image step by step, ” – said Kateryna Kobieva. Due to the introduction of “weekend quarantine” in Ukraine, performances scheduled on November 14 and 15 have been canceled. So the next time the Premiere of “Broadway Story “will be on November 13, and then on December 5 and 19.