bal-u-savoi-2-e1466151027370P.Abraham “Ball at the Savoy”

To be taken captive by his own deceit while conquering a famous singer- what can be more senseless for the fashion journalist Aristide Stanwood?! As he is the deceit master! However with the beauty Madeleine Tibo his agility disappears somewhere. Or maybe this is love? The frenzied cascade of funny adventures, imaginary betrayals and happy reconciliations

“Ball at the Savoy” is one of the most dance operettas, where the waltz, tango, foxtrot, rumba and the main thing – the step dance dominate simultaneously. For the bright and spectacular stage colouring, as well as for the steppe to be well-audible to the spectators in the hall, the theater ordered a special coating of unbreakable colored glass with LEDs, one square meter of which can withstand 10 or more dancers at the same time. And for the fantastic parade of costumes a unique collection in the “Zodiac signs” is created at the ball.

The performance became the prizewinner of many Ukraine-wide and international contests and fests many times.

In journalists’ opinion, “Ball at the Savoy” is the high-quality performance for youth full of humour and passions.

The operetta is incredibly interesting, stylish, right, musical, dance and vocal. You are sitting, watching and feeling as if you are at a Broadway musical, but not in Kyiv.”

                                Staging group:                          

Production director- the Honoured Artist of Ukraine Bohdan Strutynskyi
Band director- Serhii Holubnychyi
Choreographers directors- Maksym Bulhakov, Vadym Prokopenko, Nataliia Skuba
Theatre designer- Svitlana Pavlichenko
Costumer- Iryna Davydenko
Chapel master director- Ihor Yaroshenko
Lighting designer- Ruslan Dolynych

Dramatis personae:

FENIMORE the Honoured Artist of Ukraine Mykola Butkovskyi, the Honoured Artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Kravchenko
ARISTIDE STANWOOD the Distinguished Artist of Ukraine Serhii Avdeiev, Yevhen Prudnyk
POMEROL  — Serhii Yatsuk
DAISY BRIGHTON the Distinguished Artist of Ukraine Asia Sereda- Holdun
HEADLAND the Honoured Artist of Ukraine Serhii Bondarenko
DIEFFENBACH the Honoured Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Bogomaz, the Honoured Artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Trofymchuk
CHARLES MORTYMER Valentyn Kotenko, Borys Yatsyk
BAR GIRL Oksana Prasolova
POLICE INSPECTOR Kyrylo Baskovskyi, Orest Kushniriuk, Oleksandr Palii
POLICE OFFICERS Ballet artists
Fight Kyrylo Baskovskyi
Percussion instruments solo Oleh Hrinik
Step dance solo Maksym Bulhakov
English waltz Maksym Bulhakov, Yanina Sazonova
Concerted items at the ball — the Distinguished Artist of Ukraine Ihor Levenets, Olha Fedorenko

Guests at the ball, police officers, fights are the artists of the choir and ballet.


The two-acted operetta.
The duration is two hours and 40 minutes.
The performance is on the Ukrainian language.
The music is by P.Abraham.
The libretto is by A.Grunvald, F.Lohner- Beda.
The translation from Russian is R.Chumak.