October repertoire of Operetta: 86 theatre season is opened!


The National Operetta of Ukraine opened it’s 86-th theatre season on October 1, on the International Music Day. The first guests in the new season were greeted with a cup of aromatic coffee and Bach music. “Coffee Cantata” was performed by a chamber orchestra conducted by Oksana Madarash.

The October repertoire of the Theater in the foyer of the National Operetta of Ukraine will consist of concerts of baroque music “French Baroque” (October 10) and “Venetian Night” (October 24), a concert “Ah, this Offenbach!” (October 22), classical comic operas and operettas. “Gala Dinner with the Italians” (October 3 and 25) and “The Key on the Pavement, or the Adventures of the Wedding Night” (October 11 and 29) by Jacques Offenbach will delight with funny stories, fun and serious music at the same time. Light, sparkling, like splashes of champagne, the music of G. Donizetti in a comic opera “Bell” (October 17 and 30) is what you really need for the autumn weather not to influence to your good mood.  Oksana Madarash is conductor and producer of performances.

On the experimental  Stage_Lab stage you can see musical one-man showa of Dmytro Sharaburin “Frank Sinatra” (October 2, 4, 18, 31), “Georg Ots” (October 9 and 13) and the drama “On the Edge of the World” (October 23), which will be interesting for young people and teen-agers.

For children, the National Operetta of Ukraine offers theatrical quests “Weekend with an operetta” (October 4, 25 and 31). Thematic quests of October are dedicated to creativity, the slogan of the quest: “Find your way to creativity.” The National Operetta presents the premiere of the unusual children’s project “The First Step into the Great Art”, created at the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund. On October 17, 18, 24 and 25, the KyivOpereta YouTube channel will host premieres of interactive performances which present  the world of music to  children. They can see four performances: “In the Rhythm of Africa” ​​(October 17 at 12:00), “The Great Jazz Journey” (October 18 at 12:00), “Spanish Stories” (October 24 at 12:00), “Musical Ukraine” (October 25 at 12:00 ). These performances will tell children about the musical traditions of different countries and completely original unique musical instruments. Viewers will learn about the work of famous composers, interesting facts and legends of the world of music.

It also should be noted that with the support of the National Operetta of Ukraine  two children’s online projects will be arranged this autumn: the international music festival-competition “Art & more” for young musicians, vocalists and dancers and the II All-Ukrainian Student Conference “Art without Borders: The Way to Science”.

Stage 77 of the National Operetta of Ukraine invites viewers to the tragicomedy “Conversation, which has never existed” by modern playwright R. Biletsky (October 2, 4, 8, 9, 15) and modern opera “Penita “, which is a part of a large-scale social project called “Eternally important” (October 28). One-man show of s Asya Sereda-Goldun “Love Response to a Man” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (October 31) is the final performance on the October poster of “Stage 77″. Spoiler: Rehearsals of “Broadway Story” premier are going on. Stage Director is Oleksandr Bilozub, the premiere is on November 12, 13, 14 and 15.

It is worth to notice that the theater invites spectators who have tickets for March, April or May to performances of the Theater in the foyer, Stage77, experimental stage Stage_Lab, children’s quests “Weekend with an operetta”, register for convenient dates and visit performances of the National Operetta Of Ukraine.

Please be aware that you SHALL REGISTER to a new date AT LEAST 7 DAYS before the show or quest.

REGISTRATION by phone is possible daily from 11:00 to 19:00 at the following numbers:

+ 38 044 287-26-30

  • mob. +38 050 063 97 08 (VODAFONE)
  • mob. +38 097 206 34 21 (KYIVSTAR)
  • mob. +38 093 428 66 18 (LIFECELL).

REGISTRATION can be done by e-mail aopereta@ukr.net in the following format:

Subject of the message: “Registration for the play (specify the name)”

  3. ROW, PLACE (they are indicated on your ticket)

PERFORMANCES ON THE BIG STAGE ARE POSTPONED, new dates will be announced at the end of quarantine. Tickets are valid.

Please follow the updated information on the official resources of the theater.