PREMIERE! existential romantic comedy “#At the end of the world”

Existential romantic comedy in 1 action. What can end dating on the Internet? Julia and August it leads to the ends of the world – in the Norwegian fjords. But teenagers are not ruled by romantic feelings. The couple plans to quit

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“Life Tango”

During the dance- plastic show “Life Tango” you will become a direct witness of two people having found their love amidst noise and humour, filth and metropolitan city chaos.
The production will be of interest to those who understand the dance language, who know that

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Founders and organizers: National Operetta of Ukraine, Buchanskyi City Council. With the assistance of: the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration, the Culture Department of the

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“The Hungarian Music Night”

On the 26th of May the National Operetta presents an inimitative and unique “Hungarian Music Evening”, which will become a true trip to the country of music and dance.It was in Hungary where a fiery mixture of original folk music with a barely perceptible shade of

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J. S. Bach “Coffee Cantata”

The play goes in the cosy foyer of the theatre, the spectators are sitting at the candle-lit tables with a cup of scent-laden, fragrant, delicious coffee, tasting sweet candy and watching over the sequence of direction…The father wants to make his daughter break off a habit of drinking

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300х140 Аддамс

The Addams Family Broadway Musical

Highly anticipated premiere of the year on the stage of the National Operetta of Ukraine! “The Addams Family” the brilliant Broadway musical will tell you a funny and witty story about the infernal family who captured hearts of millions all over the world. Adams’ daughter named

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The Musical Evening

What do we love musicals for? For positiveness, relevance, plasticity, the ability to put a serious content into a graceful form. The genre, born at the beginning of the twentieth century on the New York Stage from the mix of variety, ballet and dramatic

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The New Year’s concert “Strauss in the Operetta”

New Year is the time of pleasing your relatives, close people and friends by nice presents, warm words and greetings. The National Operetta spectators will not be left without presents and surprises either. For New Year and Christmas

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THE PREMIERE “Under the Blue Sky”

The play “Under the Blue Sky”, written in 2000, has led many people to talk about David Eldridge as one of Britain’s leading playwriters of our age. The young 27-year-old playwriter was awarded by the prize for the best West- End dramatic piece for this play. Subsequently the

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THE PREMIERE of 2017, performance “The Barber of Seville”

It is one of the best comic operas with equally interesting and exciting history. Written by the author in a strikingly short term for the New Year’s Carnival in Rome (compiled and rehearsed almost simultaneously). And up to

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The comedian opera “The Bell” by Gaetano Donizetti recreates the atmosphere of the ancient Italian courtyard filled with merry light music. The spectators are placed at the tables, and a dynamic and funny action with witty jokes

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“The Adventures of Buratino”

The best gift for young spectators on New Year’s Day is, of course, a new fairy tale, and if it is so incendiary and fun as Buratino’s favourite story, then such a gift will be remembered for a long period of time!The National Operetta presents a real holiday to its young spectators

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“Countess Maritza”

The world wide operetta “Countess Maritza” by Imre Kalman is called “Hungarian Rhapsody” due to numerous czardas and Hungarian motives. The National Operertta of Ukraine got the license for the production from Imre Kalman’s legal successor (his daughter Ivonna

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“Vivat, Offenbach!”

The National Operetta of Ukraine and the French Institute in Ukraine present the international project- concert called “Vivat, Offenbach” on April 22, 2016.The concert dedicated to Jacques Offenbach’s work will be bright just like the French composer’s music is.

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Ballet “Mozart Underground”

Dmytro Shostakovich called Mozart the youth of music, the eternal source that brings the joy of spring renewal and spiritual harmony to the people. And the well-known theologian, Carl Barth, said that he did not know if the Bach’s angels were playing in God’s presence, but was

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“Love response to the man…”

The mono performance inspired by the play “Love Monologue” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is played for the first time on the National Operetta stage (inspired by the play “Love response to the man sitting in the arm chair” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez). Markuez is the laureate

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For the first time on the Ukrainian stage you can see the worldwide famous Broadway hit- the musical “The Sound of Music” by R. Rodgers.In due season the performance stood 1,443 runs and won 8 prestigious theatrical Toni prizes.The heart

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Musical “Some Like It Hot, or Sugar”

The events are unfolding in the USA of the 30-th years of the twentieth century. In the period of great depression, economic crises, total unemployment, the prosperity of corruption and banditry (the era of gangsters and jazz) artists are forced to earn not only by their own talent,

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Kid’s Musical Performance “Kytska’s House” inspired by the cognominal fairy-tale of S.Marshak

The musical performance inspired by the story “Kytska’s House” of S.Marshak is one of the best for the first acquaintance of the smallest spectators with a theater.The dynamic, funny

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“Truffaldino from Bergamo” inspired by the play “Servant of Two Masters” by C. Goldoni to music of O. Kolker

The musical “Truffaldino from Bergamo” in the National Operetta is staged inspired by the play of the Italian playwriter Carl Goldoni “Servant of Two Masters” written in 1749 in the genre of

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Кармен 300[140

“Carmen Suite”

For many years the Carmen image does not go away from the stage of the leading musical theatres, surprises, excites, fascinates and confuses.
In a new original interpretation from Vadym Prokopenko, the main choreographer of the

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The 2018 Holiday Concert “To you, sweetheart”

What can be more valuable for a woman than brilliant attractive jewelleries? Sincere feelings, attention, care, pleasant vivid impressions and unforgettable mental satisfaction. Just the one that the National Operetta will present on

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The 2018 holiday show- program “The Music of Hearts”

He says: “Black”. She says: “White”. He says: “Yes”. She says: “No”. However, they cannot imagine their lives without each other.In the holiday show- program devoted to St.Valentine’s Day “the Music of Hearts”

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F.Herve “Heavenly Swallows, or Mademoiselle Nitouche” (the story of one reincarnation)

The most famous operetta of the French composer Florimon Herve “Mademoiselle Nitouche” was called “Heavenly Swallows” in the National operetta. This is the story of

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С.Porter “Kiss me, Kate! Or the Taming of the Shrew”

The musical of the famous American composer Cole Porter “Kiss me, Kate!” stood over a thousand of performances on Broadway and over 400 – in London for as reason. This is the incredibly interesting and fascinating story

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Musical fairy tale “Cipollino”

The children’s fairy tale “The Adventures of Cipollino” by Italian writer Gianni Rodari has been a world famous classic of literature a long time ago. More than one generation of children from different parts of the world grew up on this work. The story of a fun tsybulynka-boy is still

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V. Domshynskyi “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

How many generations grew up in this wonderful fairy tale written by Grimm’s brothers many years ago! Their story is well known to everybody since childhood: once upon a time there lived the Princess Snow White, who had an

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S.Bedusenko “Aladdin and the Magic Land”

The plot of the universal appeal fairytale is known: the poor, but lucky man Aladdin becomes the owner of the magic lamp and Djinn who will fulfill the three cherished dreams of the guy. Of course, Aladdin will have to

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“Keeping Ukraine in the Heart” Concert”

The lines of the poem of the famous Ukrainian writer V.Sosiura sound accurate and up to date. The time has come for the nation to get united around the common goal- the protection and preservation of Ukraine, its historic and cultural heritage. It is high time to declare love to your

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J. Strauss “The Bat“

Courteous men in dress suits, attractive women in bright dresses, charming waltz melodies, dizzying champagne, jokes, joyances are the atmosphere of a true carnival.At the masquerade, arranged by Prince Orlovskyi, Henry Eisenstein, the confirmed “Don Juan”

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J. Offenbach “A Dinner Party with Italians”

A wealthy businessman Shuflieri by name lays on a dinner in honour of his daughter Ernestina with the purpose of finding a worthy bridegroom for her. But the girl has been in love with the musician Bonifas for a long period of

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The famous musical “Such Jewish Happiness” by I.Poklad is an unforgettable story of tears and laughter, loyalty and betrayal, hypocrisy and courage. And all this is made with a unique flavor of well-known Odessa yards full of humor and anecdotal curious incidents and funny

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F. Lehar “The Merry Widow”

The Vionnese operetta outstanding classicist F. Lehar wrote many interesting operettas over the course of his life. But it was “the Merry Widow” that brought him the worldwide fame.
This operetta is over 100 years old, but it does

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F.Loewe “My Fair Lady”

The worldwide famous plot about the ancient Greek sculptor Pygmalion, who created the marble woman Galatea and fell in love with his own creation, was reproduced in the play “Pygmalion” by Bernard Shaw and gave a wide

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І. Kalman “Montmartre Violet”

The two acted operetta.
The performance is played in the Ukrainian language.
The libretto is by A.Grunvald, Yu.Brammer.
The stage version is S.Smiian.
The poems are by O.Papushi.

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Imre Kalman «Silva»

The young aristocrat Edvin by name falls in love with the cabaret singer Silva. She reciprocates his feeling. But in a high class society the marriage with the cabaret singer is not possible, even more so, when there is another bride worthy a rich ducal family. It seems that the

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Imre Kalman Mister X

Paris… The high-class public is intrigued by appearing of a new circus star. This is a noble, charismatic, incredibly talented, and, the most important thing, mysterious artist who acts under the “Mr. X.” pseudonym. The circus director is advertising the edge of the program

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O.Riabov “Sorochynskyi Fair”

Have you been at the Sorochynsky Fair at least once? If not, remedy the situation urgently! And not because this is the place where there is the best salo, the most delicious pirozhki, the hardest horilka and the most beautiful women. But because this is the place where interesting

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J. Offenbach “The Key on the Roadway or the Wedding Night Adventures”

The heroes and heroines of the operettas by Jacques Offenbach are drinking wine in full view of the public, singing hymns to the truffles in champagne, joking, wearing seductive clothing, allowing themselves light indecencies. Some

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P.Abraham “Ball at the Savoy”

To be taken captive by his own deceit while conquering a famous singer- what can be more senseless for the fashion journalist Aristide Stanwood?! As he is the deceit master! However with the beauty Madeleine Tibo his agility disappears somewhere. Or maybe this is love?

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Hladkov “The Bremen Town Musicians”

40 years ago V.Livanov, Yu.Entin and H. Hladkov turned the famous fairy-tale by Brothers Grimm into the most joyful, the most popular cartoons and musicals whose heroes had been already loved by more than one generation of spectators.

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V.Ilin, V.Lukashov “Chasing Two Hares”

Love or money? A poor beauty or an arrogant rich girl? And what to do with the debts? A profitable marriage will improve the business, besides, the foolish Pronia is asking for herself.But only who has asked the liar Golokhvasty to make court to another girl so

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J. Strauss “The Gypsy Baron”

Sandor Barinkay, the son of the old castle’s owner, came back to his Motherland from a foreign country and witnessed the high handedness of a local pig trader. The cunning Zsupan took possession of his father’s land and property and is trying, with the judge’s help, to

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V.Bystriakov “Treasure Island”

Whistle all up! The pirates are back! David Cherkaskyi, ​​Arkadii Hartsman and Volodymyr Bystriakov, the authors of the most favourite Ukrainian cartoon “Treasure Island” have created a new version of the reading of the cognominal novel by Robert Stevenson!

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