Evening of Vocal-Piano Music of the Romantic Epoch in the Music Salon



The evening of vocal-piano music of German-Austrian composers of the Romantic Epoch was presented for the first time in the National Operetta of Ukraine. The authors of the project are Solomiya Pryimak (soprano)  Honored Artist of Ukraine and Anna Polishchuk (piano) laureate of the international competitions.

The artists presented masterpieces of musical romanticism to the audience – deep psychology, drama, delicate melody and affection. In the first part of the concert, Anna Polishchuk performed solo of  J. Brahms’s Sonata in f-moll in five parts for 40 minutes. In the second part piano works by K. Weber, J. Brahms, R. Schuman, F. Schubert complemented the magical vocal of Solomiya Pryimak.

“The piano is the main instrument of the Romantics, it is the “king”of all instruments, because it is compared to the orchestra, it has a lot of dynamic variants. Piano is equivalent to vocal, because each of them has its own line, which is intersected, ”- says Anna Polishchuk.

“The epoch of German and Austrian romanticism is known to the audience as a very small amount of music which in reality presents a whole layer of the world music art. And we show only a small part of this wonderful phenomenon. It is very deep and melodic music, with philosophical meaning ”, – said Solomiya Pryimak.

The concert was held at the Music Salon, the blue foyer of the National Operetta of Ukraine, which accommodates hundreds of spectators.

The Music Salon is a certain laboratory, examination of a new music, which is extremely rare in Ukraine. We have enabled our artists to open their talent in a new quality project raising the layer of the extremely great and significant musical heritage of the Romantic epoch. This is a very interesting music. The people who listen to it are real gourmet. Moreover, the epoch of Romanticism is a time when people dreamed of freedom, they lived with the ideals of humanism, which  exactly Ukraine needs today, ”- said Bogdan Strutynskyi, General Director-Artistic Director of the National Operetta of Ukraine.

The next concert of vocal-piano music of the Romantic epoch German-Austrian Composers is scheduled for November 6.