Support Futuristic Space Lovers Ballet the project of Operetta Theatre



Kindly ask you to support “SPACE Lovers” ballet the project of the National Operetta of Ukraine which has been shortlisted among ballet projects of “Fedora”  International Organization. The competition consists of some levels. In order the project can reach another level we need your voice. Please vote following this reference:

«SPACE Lovers» –is a Futuristic Ballet by the music of Didier Marouani the French composer. Augmented reality and 3-D effects will be used in the production. Delphin Attal is the Choreographer, Bogdan Strutynskyi is Artistic Director of the project.

«SPACE Lovers»  ballet is an amazing story of the ballet couple engaging you to the world of fantasies and bright images. Ballet dancers travel through the planets searching for love. On their way they meet loneliness, indifference and violence, they appreciate value of friends, trust and love.   Recommended for the family viewing.

After announcing of the short list the participants will take part in funfraising maraphon and gather money to the ballet production. The vote period will last till 26 of February.

You voice might be crucial!

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